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The History of Cloud City 

Cloud City is now more just a name to remember the ashes of the famous Cloud City Station. In fact, it was a huge floating city hovering around that big Bespin gas planet. People here used to settle and do mining operations easily because of the close distance separing them from the planet.

A group of distinctive contractors gathered their knowledge and expertise and acquired the Cloud City's franchise in Galactic Year 13. With the famous and now defunct Cloud City headquarter, that was located over Bespin gas planet, the faction has reemerged from the void to start out with new plans -> start up from the beggining and growth in prosperity and peace. 

Little is knew of the new leadership of the Cloud City faction, beside that it is a person with good 
valors and goals in life; to offer any goodwilling sentients a career for them to pursuate and develops their skills. This is why it takes what it takes to achieves goals: it takes efforts.