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Welcome folks  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Cloud City is a production faction located their headquarters on the planet Bespin. We are a shipbuilding company that also runs the Cloud City, which is a huge orbital station hosting the most comfortable of lifestyle.

Unfortunately, since many years ago now, the Bespin planet became owned by the Rogue Squadrons. Since then, the Cloud City orbital station was obliged to surrender to the new governing faction. Many of the great leaders exiled the system including the Baron Administator of the time. They all flew out , because they could no longer operate there.

It's not until Galactic Year 13 that the '' Cloud City '' brand and rights were ready to be sold. An important contractor of the trade industry, miss Helena Gladio bought the company franchise and restarts the operation of a longtime forgotten faction the ''Cloud City''. Despite what happened in the past, about the rude takeover of Bespin by the Rebel Forces, it was still indeed a renewal for the local citizens of the surroundings of the Bespin system, to see that freedom was brought, and the real sense of peace and rights were established. That's one of the reasons why Helena & the team is proud to offers you the best quality ships & space stations services that can be offered.

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